Posted on April 15, 2023 at 12:41 am

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Hitesh Bharadwaj: Tried living every character in a way that I became them, and no one could typecast me

Even though the TV industry has evolved over the years, actors still face the issue of getting stereotyped on screen. While some choose to do selective work to avoid the same, some do give in as they want to keep working amid inadequate offers coming their way. Actor Hitesh Bharadwaj, who plays the role of Ekam in Udaariyan (produced by Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Dreamiyata Production), opines on the issue.

“I don’t think so because actors can be stereotyped when the story isn’t strong. Today we have good writers and no doubt that TV is a female-oriented medium where there are many viewpoints and talks that have been going on for a long time. But I still don’t think one can get typecast on television. Since I started my career in 2012, I played different characters. And, all these years I have been working and tried living every new character in a way that I became them so that no one can typecast me even if they you want to,” he says.

Ekam, Hitesh’s character, has made a mark and people have loved his performance so far character. Sharing some motivating feedback and compliment, he adds,

“It’s not necessary that every time people appreciate but we should take it in a positive way. Recently, when I went to the set, 10-12 girls from nearby village were waiting for the last two hours to meet Ekam. They said how much they like me. Such a thing has never happened in my life. I have never seen so much love, felt speechless. I also felt good and motivated (smiles). The makers have created a good character and I feel gratitude for it. I am really thankful to Ravie, Sargun and  Colors. He works so hard on every character and together with every actor develops the characters. With Ekam too he did a fabulous job.”

Though it is believed that an actor’s marriage affects on their popularity, Hitesh Bharadwaj does not agree.

“Your personal life doesn’t affect people much until and unless it doesn’t become public. I just live my life like anyone else. When I watch Iranian cinema or the film Baran, I feel that being a star you can never show your normal life. If you want to show your acting then you have to live and think like a common person. I am really thankful to Udaariyan,” he says, adding that the show has given him much popularity.

“Ekam ka character achanak se logon k beech mein chala gaya aur unko pasand aane laga. What else would an artist want? So I can’t say about the more popularity factor but this much is sure that when such a thing happens it does justifies the work done by an artist. It feels my hard work and toil is getting what it deserves,” he smiles again.

Praising Ravie and Sargun, the actor calls them “amazing”. He thinks they are creative and knowledgeable too. Director Uttam sir is a big support too.

“I have taken many impulsive decisions in life and quite rapidly, but with Udaariyan I gave a thought to it and discussed it with my wife. Back of the mind, I didn’t know both Ravie and Sargun personally. I only knew about Ravie bhai’s flourishing career, the fact I learnt from him and that I share my birthday with him. As an artist Sargun is dedicated and amazing too. Being producers, keeping an artistic approach is difficult but they are very understanding. We talk on sets and discuss about films. He complemented me and said that I am a good boy and doing really well. I connect well with Sargun’s creative vibe. She is a multi-tasker and every energetic. Along with thanking them, I would also like to thank the audience for all the love. Aur un dono se bolna chaunga ki jab tak bika na tha tab koi puchta na tha, apne khraid kar mujhe anmol bana diya,” he signs off.

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