Posted on April 1, 2023 at 9:32 am

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Here’s why we think Ulka Gupta is a true female icon of the entertainment industry

Actress Ulka Gupta, who’s one of the most celebrated actresses of the entertainment industry has been seen in projects which are made to set a certain benchmark for the society, especially women who want to do something great in their lives. And, Ulka is one of those actors who has done so many impactful roles so far.

Here’s why we think, she’s truly one of the strongest female icons of the entertainment industry!

Propagating Self-Acceptance

Ulka is one of those few actors who has always been very vocal about her rejections owing to her skin colour and still has made it so far on the professional front. She has always exemplified the ‘If I can why can’t you?’ attitude and people have loved it and have appreciated her so far.

Being Real and Being Raw

Unlike other actresses, We have never seen Ulka all over the place. The actress has her own small world, which she is a part of and has always connected with her fans on a personal level. Even through her Interviews we have never seen her showcase a fake entourage for the sake of it, rather she has always been very raw, unique and beautiful.

Doing Impactful roles which sends out a strong message

Since her childhood, Ulka has done shows which empower the society, especially women! Right from Jhansi Ki Rani to Banni Chow Home Delivery to some of her cult south films. Ulka Gupta has always done roles which emphasizes the stronger section of women rather than showcasing them as weak. Ulka is truly one of the most influential icons the Industry has always seen.

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