Posted on April 19, 2023 at 2:55 am

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Aditi Shetty shares her thoughts on Preity Zinta’s fan harassment incident

Preity Zinta recently took to social media to share about two incidents that left her “a bit shaken”, one is about a woman who plated “a big wet kiss next to” her daughter Gia’s mouth and a disabled man harassing her for money. She explained what had actually happened in both cases too. This is not the first time a celebrity has complained of harassment. Actor Aditi Shetty reacts to the same. She also opines on whether it’s tough for celebrities to control fans at times and if the paparazzi make it tough for them to manage things.

“When you’re a celebrity and people look up to you, they would obviously get really excited to get just a glance of you or take a picture with you or have a conversation with you, which is a part and parcel of the job. I think, as artists, we know that and also appreciate the attention when it comes to our fans because it really motivates us. But then there’s a very thin line between getting excited and then making someone uncomfortable. We have to understand that celebrities are human beings first and you touching them inappropriately or talking to them in a certain way where you’re getting aggressive or demanding things is not acceptable ,” she says.

Sharing her experience, Aditi Shetty adds,

“As an actor I myself face encounters where there are people who want to come get a picture clicked with you, but one has to understand that they can’t hold your waist or can’t put their hand around your shoulder because you’re not their friend. You’re meeting them for the very first time and you want a picture and they’re happy to do that but you cannot cross the line and make someone uncomfortable.”

Lauding Preity for having spoken about the incidents that encroached upon her personal space on social media, she feels this would encourage others to speak up. And at the same time let everyone know that there is a line that no one should cross, come what may.

“I think what she did is great because fans also need to understand how it has affected her personally and they will be aware. In future, they will think before doing something like this. So my message to all the people who are reading this is that as much as you love us, we love you back but please don’t forget to maintain basic respect and basic lines of socialising and not just attack people. Being aggressive or touching someone inappropriately isn’t a good thing to do,” she ends

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