Posted on March 7, 2023 at 2:00 am

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Sudhanshu Pandey: Vanraj is the most layered, most unpredictable and relatable character

Sudhanshu Pandey’s portrayal of Vanraj in Anupamaa has become a household name over the years. It is the grey shades of the character that makes it feel all the more real. Having gone through extremes, Vanraj has tactfully dealt with many ups and downs in the narrative. Fans enjoy watching Vanraj in action on screen. Anupamaa, a popular family drama on television, is by Rajan Shahi’s Directors Kut Productions.

“The beauty of Vanraj’s character, like I have always said, is the most-layered and most unpredictable character. The amazing part is he also gets to be the best guy, the worst guy, and the cleverest guy most of the time. He is such an incredible character that he can make you love him or hate him. He can also make you really confused, whether you should like him or hate him. And, he has gone through extreme conditions for sure and has come out as a winner because he has always held his family intact. He has always held himself intact. The only time he has gone mad is probably when his women challenged him and because of his attitude as a male, a little bit of chauvinism may be, he has got a lot of complexes and that’s why he probably deals with his women a little differently,” he says.

However, Vanraj is not a bad guy, according to Sudhanshu.

“He is the most principled character as far as his family is concerned. Yes again I would say as far as his women are concerned, he likes to overpower them. He likes to also take care of them but he doesn’t like them overtaking him professionally. So yes Vanraj is a brilliant character, layered and a character that probably will be remembered for the longest time because of its complexity. Also, in real life a lot of people have related with this character to a great extent,” he ends.

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