Posted on March 30, 2023 at 3:41 am

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Robin Sohi opens up about his role in Ajooni!

Hailing from a Punjabi Sikh family from Haryana, Robin Sohi decided to pursue acting when he landed in Mumbai. To learn the art form he joined an acting course and then did theatre. He made his debut with Savdhan India and then did a few films, Ekta, Raja Abroadiya, Lafangey Nawab, and the TV shows, Sanjeevani 2 and Naagin 6. He also played the lead in the Punjabi TV show Tere Dil Vich Rehan De. The actor will now be seen in Ajooni.

He talks about this new show and his journey.

“I am playing a negative role in Ajooni. He is the brother of the main lead. I manipulate the lead’s family and make them my family and create chaos. It’s a cameo but a strong one,” he shares.

Looking back, Robin came to Mumbai in 2013. He is from Karnal, Haryana.

“I was born in a Punjabi Sikh family. After 12th grade, I came to Mumbai and completed my graduation here in Mumbai. I did an acting course from Zee Media institute and joined a theatre group ABSS. I did my training from there for two years,” he adds.

Talking about his first TV break, he says,

“I got it through a friend. It was episodic. I struggled during my initial days as I came into the industry at the age of 17 and did not know much about it or anyone in particular.”

Many feel good looks are important for an actor. However, Robin has a different opinion.

“I don’t think looks matter in films and OTT, but for TV it does at some point,” says the actor, who would have started a restaurant if his acting career didn’t take off.

Speaking on the difference between Bollywood and TV, he explains,

“I think TV is a different world altogether from films. People, crew, actors… Everything is different in films. We don’t have to rush when working on a movie, we have time to understand and develop our character. But in TV shows, there is a very limited time to shoot, plus there is a huge budget difference.”

Ask him about his plans of doing a Punjabi film if offered and he answers in the affirmative.

“I would love to. Nowadays the Punjabi industry is growing plus Punjabi is my mother tongue, so apna pan sa lagta hai while shooting. The Punjabi industry has a worldwide audience and I would like to reach out to them through my work. My family and friends will be happy too,” he ends.

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