Posted on February 8, 2023 at 12:40 am

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When top doctors told Shalin Bhanot he will never be able to dance!

Bigg Boss has reached its final leg & this last week marks the beginning of the end. Shalin Bhanot has made it to the top 5 list proving to be the dark horse of the house. While everyone had at least one strong support in the house to be saved from nominations & also to help for captaincy, Shalin rose to the top without none of these.

Shalin has been loved for his sartorial choices, his good looks, his childlike innocence in the house apart from nailing every task at hand & moreover for his acting chops & dancing skills.

Last weekend too Karan Johar seemed to be bold over Shalin’s dance & compared him to Hrithik Roshan & Tiger Shroff. But not many know that Shalin was advised by some of the biggest sports doctors in the country that he wouldn’t be able to ever dance again & this was right before he went ahead & won a couple dance reality show.

Apparently the actor was shooting for his film in Rajasthan where he chose to avoid a body double & went for a stunt on his own. He had to jump from a height & unfortunately landed on the ground hard with a big rock rolling over his leg. His Bollywood dream ended there when he couldn’t move & was transported immediately to Mumbai for his treatment. Dr. Joshi who has treated many sports personalities performed surgery on his torn ligament.

Shalin’s father shares further,

‘We were concerned whether he’ll ever be able to walk properly again. The doctor said that he will ensure Shalin can walk normally after the treatment & months of therapy but he was afraid Shalin would never be able to run or let alone dance. When Shalin learnt this, he wasn’t distraught but took it as a challenge to prove everybody wrong. He did intensive physiotherapy, buckled steel rods & heavy weights & strengthened his ligament. He later participated in a dance reality show & he won the trophy.’

‘Shalin has always managed to surprise us with his determination. When he sets his mind onto something, he sure knows he will make it happen. He’s always been like this. He doesn’t believe in self loathing. Give him any task at hand that challenges him, he will do it. That is Shalin for you,’ Mr. Bhanot adds.

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