Posted on February 20, 2023 at 1:00 am

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Jay Soni: I think every healthy person must donate blood twice a year

Actor & host, Jay Soni has had a good start to the year, as his role in the longest running show on television, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has been receiving positive feedback & love for playing Abhinav Sharma.

Jay Soni who became a household name with Sasural Genda Phool has worked selectively the last few years after working over 20 shows, both fiction & non fiction. The actor believes in keeping low key & keeping his personal life private.

However one thing Jay boasts about & would like to influence people who are his fans, he shares,

‘I just got back home after going in for blood donation. It wasn’t a bootcamp or an event organized for the press. I just walked into a hospital that I usually frequent, donated my blood & walked out. If you’re healthy & get a heads up from your family doctor, you must really try to donate blood twice a year. I can tell you all the benefits but you can find them all online. More than anything, It just feels nice to be able to give it back to our community in some way.’

‘I see so many messages circulated on social media asking for blood requirements. Although we have blood banks, considering the populations, I don’t think it’s enough. Even if half the youth, who are healthy enough to donate, come forward & make this a regular thing, imagine the blood bank we would build & no one will ever have to run a helter skelter during emergency situations. The benefits of donating are plenty but nothing beats the feeling one gets, that of contentment. Fans follow their favorite actors & get influenced by their lifestyle choices, I hope they even add blood donation to their list,’ Jay adds.

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