Posted on February 17, 2023 at 4:07 am

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Balraj Syal spills the beans about the new song Kamaal Ho; sung by wife Deepti

Actor comedian Balraj Syal talks about the song Kamaal Ho produced by him and sung by his better half Deepti. The song features popular faces Prince Narula and Deepti in it.


He says,

”Kamaal Ho is about love. It’s about how much you appreciate your love and your partner and how blessed you feel when you are with them. It’s all about seeing and appreciating the good in your partner. When we released the poster of Kamaal Ho, the thought behind that was that Kyo Hamesha Tarif Ho Husan Ki Ishq Bhi Toh Kamaal Hota Hai. The USP for me is that this is Deepti’s song and Prince has featured in this. Kunal, who is a very dear friend of mine, has composed it and I have produced it. It’s a very soothing and romantic song.“

The song has been shot in Jaipur over 2 days. Balraj feels the song has been shot beautifully in such locations which are still unexplored. Initially the song was planned by Prince and his better half Yuvika but her dates did not work out so Deepti stepped after Prince’s suggestion. Speaking on that Balraj says

,”Prince is a friend and a star and when he heard the song he just loved it. The initial plan was to keep Deepti’s vocals and feature Prince and Yuvika but Yuvi’s dates didn’t match since and our production was lined up. So it was the idea of Prince to feature Deepti. We loved the idea and executed it.”

Music videos are made in big numbers now. What do you feel about the genre?

“Yes, lakhs of videos are made and  I feel through this people can get work in the industry.Every person, according to his experience, tries to create the best thing. I never worry about competition. Rather I feel it’s good that so much content is available in the market and it generates employment. Today there is so much content because there are independent makers, everyone can create their own channels and network and produce any kind of content. Times have changed and we have to move with the flow. Deepti is a very good singer. She keeps supporting me. She is talented and I can only see her grow. If some content touches my heart then I will create it, produce it and release it in the future.”

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