Posted on February 3, 2023 at 2:01 am

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Akashdeep Sabir: I want Shiv Thakare to win

Actor Akashdeep Sabir who is much in demand these days as an actor and will be seen in big projects like  Shehzada and Selfiee has always loved watching Bigg Boss and has enjoyed this season as well. He says that he loves the weekends as he loves how superstar host Salman Khan guides the players.

Photo Courtesy Akashdeep Sabir Team
Photo Courtesy Akashdeep Sabir Team

“I am a Bigg Boss buff and have not missed a single season or even a single episode ever. I love Salman Khan’s weekends. He is a super anchor. A megastar who gets into the minds of the players and guides them through to the finale. This year I would want Shiv Thakare to win. He is the son of the soil, a great soul, a great friend, great at tasks, great captain….what else is required to win?” he says.

He adds,

“But all he has till now is the title of the Marathi Bigg Boss winner as his ticket to fame, so he will need lots of votes to beat Priyanka Choudhary. I personally dislike Priyanka and think she is faking it. She is manipulative, egoistic, talks a lot, interferes in other people’s issues and has no game plan or contribution to the show hence should not win.”

Talking about his season, Akashdeep says,

“This year will be remembered for Abdu Rozik. What a find! He took everyone’s hearts. Tina and Shalin’s fake love angle burst and then their game plans just fell apart. Ankit was good but Priyanka ruined his chances. Gautam started off well but later went into a shell and was voted out. MC Stan is raw and refreshing. Archana Gautam was funny but is disgusting now. Nimrit has evolved. Sumbul is average and should be going next, followed by Shalin. So, my final five will be Shiv, Priyanka, Nimrit, Archana and Mc Stan.”

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