Posted on January 31, 2023 at 1:09 am

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Shalin Bhanot’s cute teenage love story is straight out of 90s Bollywood movie

Shalin Bhanot is a happy man now. Apart from being the most talked about contestants on the show this season, Shalin Bhanot‘s journey has been quite exciting inside the house.

The actor has oscillated from being goofy to a lover boy to serious to sad & he’s gained some millions of fans for his childlike innocence & candid attitude.

After Tina’s eviction, there has been a relief for Shalin who was undergoing a mental breakdown & prescribed anti depression medication & at the helm of constant bullying by Priyanka & Tina.

Shiv & Stan extended an olive branch towards Shalin & the conversations between the 3 are starting to grow on people, who are liking the new found camaraderie.

In yesterday’s episode Shalin shared a very cute anecdote from his college days in Pune, where he fell in love with a girl from his hometown Jabalpur.

In the candid conversation between the new trio, Shalin said with almost honesty, that he loved a girl from Jabalpur but they both moved to different cities for college. Shalin came to Pune, while his love interest was in Nagpur. They would talk to each other from public phone booths but they finally decided to meet but were short on savings. After which Shalin skipped a meal & so did she & started saving money. They dated for over 4 years but eventually his heart was broken.

Shalin wanted to become an actor, while the girl’s family didn’t approve of this choice of his & they mutually parted ways.

Shiv & Stan had a field way as they teased Shalin making him blush but he did end up completing his story. This was a pretty good moment  to witness.

Looks like with all the negative influences out of his life, Shalin is living it up in the house.

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