Posted on January 11, 2023 at 4:31 am

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Netizens in awe as Shiv’s Aai showers love on Shalin too!

With the family week on, Bigg Boss is high on emotions & there are some really heart melting moments on the show. So far Farah came in to support Sajid, Shiv & Stan had their mother come in, Priyanka & Archana were surprised to see their younger brothers come in for family week. There were some tears & a lot of laughter too.

But what netizens are commenting over is the unique & emotional conversation between Shalin & Shiv’s mother. Shalin & Shiv have had a cordial relationship right from Day 1. During his arguments with Stan, Shalin was all alone while Shiv chose to always stick to Stan but that didn’t affect their camaraderie. Shiv on many occasions has also commented that Shalin is a complete package on the show but at the same time bad mouthed him for his friendship with Tina. Now that Tina has been exposed, Shalin has won over everyone’s love. Shiv’s Aai went an extra mile to make Shalin feel loved & their conversation was beautiful where she almost sounded like Shalin’s mother giving him the right advice. She also told the Mandali to give Shalin a fair chance at captaincy to prove himself.

While Bigg Boss announced that Archana’s brother was hogging the limelight, but online the fans also can’t stop talking about Shalin & Shiv’s mother, also the way Shalin reciprocated.

He also won over the hearts of MC Stan fans when he held his ears in front of MC’s mom & apologised for using cuss words.

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