Posted on January 16, 2023 at 4:25 am

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Did Salman Khan expose Shalin Bhanot’s victim card play against Tina Datta?

Actress Tina Datta has been facing a lot of backlash after Salman Khan pointing that her equation with Shalin Bhanot is looking fake. Though the actress has been vocal of how she has been confused because of Shalin’s puppy face and cheap game play, she showed it in her actions too and stood away from him, also raised her points clear and straight.

In the recent Weekend Ka Vaar as the swords were once again directed at Tina Shalin by the panelists, Salman budged in saying that Shalin just wanted some brownie points hence said, “Don’t be hard on her” in the last weekend ka vaar.

While Salman was guiding Tina, Bhanot had crossed him saying, “Don’t be hard on her…” And now Salman exposed what made Shalin say this. Khan mentioned that all Shalin wanted to portray was that he cared for Tina and hence said what he did and attempted to gather the brownie points as he left. We spot Shalin’s sympathy card game, probably his Plan B after Tina…

As this fury between Tina and Shalin is only taking ugly turns. We also saw how Tina tried to get a closure for herself as well as him. Tina has been standing out for her bold opinions in the house, comebacks that she gives, the fashion bar that she has set for this season, subtle as well as experimental makeup and hair looks; it wouldn’t be surprising to call her an all in one package for Bigg Boss. As the chapter of Shalin has ended, it would be interesting to see Tina’s next move.

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