Posted on December 5, 2022 at 2:13 am

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“Us bechare ko neecha kyu dikha rahe ho?” Gauahar Khan calls out Tina Datta for her hypocrisy.

Bigg Boss Season 16 tops all the previous seasons for this one reason, it is the number of romantic relationships brewing inside the house this season. Priyanka – Ankit, Soundarya – Gautam & the very controversial Shalin – Tina bond.

While last week Tina confessed to have feelings for Shalin & they had a private moment & for once the netizens who called their relationship fake, believed the said couple. But it was short lived just like earlier episodes. During the past several weeks, Tina’s stance on their relationship kept changing, everytime someone would point out that their gestures were that of more than friends.

This time around, when fans across India were brought in as panelists, majority of them had the same question for Tina; as to what was the nature of her relationship with Shalin & why does she always shy away from giving it a name.

In the bargain, Shalin became a butt of all jokes & also a meme material. The actor was seen breaking down & being comforted by Sajid Khan who expressed that he felt bad for Shalin.

Ex Bigg Boss winner Gauahar Khan, known to not mince her words also sympathised with Shalin & called Tina out.

In a tweet she wrote,

‘Tina literally drops shalin every time something is said about their very evident equation.whyyy ???She says it’s bad for her dignity,to have feelings is something bad or low??Us bechare ko neecha kyun dikha rahe ho?Uv said I love u to him n looked in the camera too, own it !’

We couldn’t agree more!

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