Posted on December 10, 2022 at 1:20 am

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Tumse bada mastermind pure season me nahi, Devoleena all praises for Shalin Bhanot!

Well like everyone else, we’re wondering too if there are going to be any eliminations or not because for the last few weeks, we’ve seen none.

Rumor mills are abuzz that actress Tina Datta will be evicted tonight & there is a major talk on twitter about the circumstances that led to her eviction. As per grapevine, apparently Bigg Boss rested the decision on Shalin to either keep them both safe by pressing the buzzer or to allow them to be evicted & try to claim back the whopping 25 lakhs of prize money that they lost previously.

Earlier too inmates got a chance to redeem the prize money that they lost during a task but they instead chose to save the nominated contestants from eviction by pressing the buzzer.

After Nimrit & MC Stan were saved with majority votes, Shalin had a tough decision to make between saving either  Tina & Sumbul or the prize money. Earlier the housemates were not happy when evictions were stalled at the cost of prize money, so Shalin made a tough choice & refrained from pressing the buzzer.

Devoleena who’s been on the twice & also is an ardent Bigg Boss fan heard about the same & took to Twitter to express her opinion & rooting for Shalin.

She wrote, ‘What i heard if its true…Oh god Shalin. Tumse bada mastermind koi nahi poore season mein.

@BiggBoss ka khel khud par hi ulta padh gaya 🤦🏼‍♀️😩 ‘

Well Shalin always had the reputation of surprising everyone with his different choices & unpredictability making him the dark horse, if this stands true, we have the OG mastermind of the show. What do you think?

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