Posted on December 7, 2022 at 12:31 am

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Tina Datta gets new haircut in Bigg Boss 16

Actress Tina Datta is buzzing in the headlines for her stint in Bigg Boss season 16. The actress ever since she entered the house, has been a talk of this season. Be it her style sense, fashion, one-liners, wit, bold stands and camaraderie with her co-contestants.

Tina took over the internet for her hairstyles and cute hair accessories. Everyone has been fanning over her varied hairstyles and the way she grooms them. Now, we learn that Tina got herself a haircut in the Bigg Boss house, all on her own.

In a clip that has been floating around on the internet, the actress is seen discussing her hair cut with Shalin and how she used her quick learning skills for this one. Shalin was seen praising her haircut, while the actress was in awe for trying something new. Please take a look at the video here…

Tina’s simple and less makeup looks are looking refreshing on the screen and she has been getting lots of compliments and appreciation for the same. In the recent episodes, the actress has shown her fierce side by sticking to her stands and not being firm on them.

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