Posted on December 13, 2022 at 2:43 am

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Sidharth Shukla’s cousin, actor Aditya Shukla says “He was like a king. No matter what he did, he would face the world and do whatever he felt was right”

Actor Aditya Shukla who is the late actor Sidharth Shukla’s cousin brother shares nuggets of their bonding. Aditya is currently being seen in Naagmani and feels Sidharth Shukla will always be the king.

Speaking about his greatest takeaway from Siddharth, Aditya says,

”He was like a king. No matter what he did, he would face the world and do whatever he felt was right. That is the main quality I have learned from him.”

He further adds,

”Sidharth and I were always there for each other. It wasn’t a relationship where we met every day or spoke every day. But we both knew we had each other’s back. The last time we properly met was after he had an accident in Andheri. We used to speak over the phone and meet. Along with my acting career, I am also a certified Deep Sea Diver. Since 2012 I was mostly on the ship for diving. But whenever I felt like talking or meeting him I used to call him. No matter what time, I used to call and tell him about wanting to ride his Hayabusa bike and he would say no then after a few days out of the blue he would call me and tell me neeche aa and would give me the keys of his bike. I miss him a lot more now as he is not there when I am working in a show. He would have been the happiest person to see me in front of the camera.”

But did you consider acting because of Sidharth? Aditya says,

”Not really. I always wanted to be an actor for my mom. She always wanted to see me on the big screen. Yes, I always idolize him and he did motivate me in different ways to take up acting.”

Any memorable incident with him that you want to share?

“There are a lot actually. In 1993 when my sister was born, I used to stay with him in Bombay central as the hospital was next to his society. So he used to take me to the market and then used to play with me in society as well. I have got a lot of good memories with him which I will cherish forever.”

His name is still alive in his fan’s hearts; in your opinion, what led to this big fandom? Aditya says,

”His name will always be alive. The reason for his fandom is his attitude. Like I said before, he was like a King and the fans love his attitude. There is no other Sidharth Shukla and will never be one. I miss him every day.”

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