Posted on December 21, 2022 at 6:35 am

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Shalin Bhanot Fans lash out at Tina Datta for supporting MC Stan for his fandom

Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss has left every fan question Tina’s integrity. During the nomination task, it came as a shocker when MC Stan who Tina referred to as her close confidante, nominated her for eviction. Tina was quick to judge & passed a remark that Stan is a different individual behind his famous gold chains to which Stan retaliated as, those chains were worth more than Tina’s house.

Shalin who’s consistently & by all means been Tina’s friend, was quick to jump in & correct Stan for his derogatory remarks. One thing led to another & soon after the two were at loggerheads. In a video shared by the makers, you can see Stan blaming Tina for sticking around with him owing to his humongous fan following. The same fan following that has surpassed every boundary & went on a personal attack spree & has cursed Shalin & also his parents on social media.

Stan openly threatened Shalin that his fans would deal with him once he’s out of the show.

What has irked the fans even more that after this entire hullabaloo, Tina still supported Stan & claimed that he nominated her with best interests at heart & blamed Shalin to be the sole reason for Stan to nominate her.

When we thought the Shalin – Tina friendship would fall apart & Shalin would finally be back to playing his individual game, Tina is back at her manipulation. The fans have been crying out loud for Shalin to leave her side as she’s always backstabbed him & was never a friend in the first place.

While netizens have labelled Stan as the local Gunda, Tina has become the OG ‘Daayan’ as per popular opinion of the audience.

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