Posted on December 19, 2022 at 1:35 am

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Rupali Ganguly: “ My son Rudransh is my inspiration”

Anupamaa actress Rupali Ganguly is a proud mother. Rupali’s nine year old son Rudransh won a gold, silver, and bronze medal at his recent karate competition over the weekend.

With hardly any day off’s due to a packed shooting schedule, Rupali was just about able to squeeze in a holiday for her son’s shotokan karate tournament. Inspite of a bad stomach ache, Rupali’s son insisted on going to the competition where he gave it his all and won three medals.

An elated Rupali shares,

“My son Rudransh is my inspiration! He really proved to be a determined child for this competition. There was no way he was giving up, inspite of us telling him to go to the hospital for a stomach checkup. He had not attended school for five days, could not even go down to play in the building, but insisted on going for the tournament. Inititally we thought we would take him to just watch it since he was so keen to go, but he came back winning three prestigious medals, making the entire family proud inspite of being in pain. But for me, the win was not the medals, the win was more the fact that despite the stomach pain he stayed back for the fight. The undying spirit and the commitment towards his craft, that is what makes my son a winner for me. The medals were a bonus, but I am an extremely proud mother because for a little man of 9 years old to do that, was commendable for me as a mother to see”.

“As a mother I feel that I am learning more from my child every single day. I am busy on shoots and he is back to his school life routine, but the way in which he conducts himself and his never dying spirit is what motivates me. I am a proud mother, and my son’s fighting spirit is what teaches me that I need to go out there everyday and keep up the same attitude myself. At times it just surprises me as to how children can be so strong even when they are in their most vulnerable moments, which we adults should be grateful to learn from!” concludes Rupali.


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