Posted on December 3, 2022 at 2:47 am

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National Pollution Control Day: Celebs say it’s time to take charge!

Have we failed in combating the pollution levels in metro cities? These celebrities say that it’s time to take small steps to eradicate this evil!


Rohit Mehta

It is a very vast global issue and the government should take some real action for it. Although a lot is being done already, especially in Delhi. The Delhi government took some measures like controlling vehicle-purchase and banning crackers on Diwali. However, it’s not only the government but we as a society also need to contribute to this cause. We need to bring changes in our daily routine like using public transport, carpooling, planting a tree, avoiding using plastic and reducing the usage of AC. These small habits matter a lot and if a lot of other people practice these little habits, then it can make a bigger impact. Precaution is better than cure.


Priya Paramita Paul

We all have a habit of blaming everything other than ourselves whenever we are in a bad situation. I agree that the government should make sure that things are under control but to what extent a government can do when we individuals are not responsible enough to control. Our every step is important because it contributes to a larger group. Time is ticking and it is our responsibility to rather waste time and blame everything, it is our duty that all the small things that contribute to pollution can be controlled. It can be minimizing bursting crackers, getting your vehicles checked or anything. Each of these small steps of all of us contributes to something else. Many of us think that if no one is doing it what difference will it make if I do? It does make a lot of difference because when we are doing it, there is somebody else who is learning from it and they will also continue the same. It becomes a chain


Nikhil Nanda

Pollution started with the advent of industrialization in early 1900 when the world got into the crazy mode of deforestation where factories were set up and new homes were built. At the time of independence, the population of India was 31 crores and it is 140 crore today. Today the world population touched 8 billion. Our Mother Earth is not designed to hold so many people because historically we have never had such a huge population overbearing on the earth’s resources. Today overpopulation requires more space, doing away with natural resources like a forest which was the national reserve for us against the population, and having settlements across rivers and building dams, all this contributes to the world that we are seeing today and of course, the Industries continue to generate a huge amount of smoke and dust that remains in the atmosphere. The government and the society can put a curb on pollution on their end by planting trees so that we can create a natural hedge against pollution. Whatever the cars and vehicles that we are using which are now getting converted into electrical vehicles. We can contribute in a small way ensuring that we can call out and tell people that pollution is something which we don’t get to know but we all breathe into and the health hazards that we are seeing in the recent times is probably because of pollution


Nirisha Basnett

Pollution of any kind is a problem for mankind and nature. All kinds of pollution lead to catastrophic destruction and it has already started. It’s time that we track back and correct our course on this loving planet we call home. Our planet needs a heavy detox from all the pollution and it needs to happen right now because it’s affecting our lives now. But mankind is blinded by power and wealth and are yet to take any action. We still have time to reverse things, at least for our future generation. I think it’s important to do our part to say the least and not be dependent on anyone. For example, conserving energy by being careful about lights, not consuming plastics, opting for biodegradable products, recycling, reusing, planting more trees, avoiding burning trash, avoiding firecrackers, eat local and organic foods. And even if it all fails to work. Our best bet would be if “Thanos” was real so that he could actually wipe out half the population and eventually nature could thrive again!


Sudhanshu Pandey

We have been drastic as far as pollution control is concerned. We have to stop selling cars the way we are selling. We are only looking at it from the business point of view. The government is making a lot of effort in controlling pollution by trying to sell electric cars but that is going to take a long time. We need to relook at re-selling vehicles, in terms of how old the vehicles are. People are using very old vehicles and it is the biggest problem of pollution. Heavy vehicles like trucks and buses, government transport buses. Also, there are lots of scooters, bikes, and auto rickshaws on the road, and there are no traffic regulations. Unfortunately, the infrastructure that people get is so screwed up, people are not able to walk on footpaths because the footpaths are always blocked. To begin with, the roads can be better, the footpaths can be bigger and separate lanes can be made for people to cycle down for their work. There are so many things that can be done to inspire people to not use their motor vehicles and probably get used to cycling which will benefit their health. We can control pollution in a big way but there is still a long way to go.


Jason Tham

The real issue is not the society or the government, it is the ‘chalta hai’ attitude of the people, their mindset. And people will not learn unless the issue occurs to one of their own! The best way to solve this is to teach yourself and the people around you. So, in that way, we are doing our part.


Nishant Malkhani

Over the last 30 years the pollution has been on rise. Delhi has always been the centre point of attention but now even Mumbai and Kolkata are in the poor air quality index. It is time that we take it seriously because everyone’s health is getting affected. My own younger brother is in Delhi and he has a lot of breathing issues. I hope Mumbai and Kolkata don’t turn out to be like that and we soon find a solution. Going electric will be really nice but for that we need the infrastructure first and the government needs to make sure that the electric vehicles are supported be it charging stations or service centres. Maybe some kind of subsidy can be rewarded by the government to people who switch to electric vehicles. I won’t say that one should start using cycles because it’s not possible in a city like Mumbai or Delhi or other metros. Going electric and government support would be really helpful.


Ankur Nayyar

There’s a factory just opposite my house and the smoke that comes out from there is unbearable. You cannot breathe at that time. When we are exercising or just sitting, we have to shut our windows. If I am facing that problem in Link Road, don’t you think that the political bodies would be having problems in breathing. Then why nothing is done about it. We have filed a complaint against the factory and the pollution it’s causing but no one takes any action. I think if the authorities are responsible enough to take action in their areas then I think we can collectively make a lot of difference and the wider problems can be sorted. It’s very important to breathe fresh air. There are countries where when you step out of the airport, you can feel the fresh air. In my hometown Punjab, you can feel the fresh air. Industrialisation is important but the issues of pollution need to be taken care of. Also because of so much water pollution we are putting aros in the house which is killing all the essential nutrients of water. Let’s all come together and make sure that in our communities the issues of pollution are taken care of so that the communities in large will be affected.


Charrul Malik

Pollution is becoming deadly. In Punjab, the farmers use parali and the smoke from it gets mixed in the air of Delhi and creates a smog as Delhi is close to Punjab. All across India pollution level is rising as the population is constantly increasing and we will be ahead of China in no time. Delhi had started the odd-even scheme but I don’t know if it’s still working there. Why should the government impose such rules, I think we should start it ourselves in our family. We can buy electric cycles, do car pooling or travel in public transport so that we can cut down on pollution. Such small things will definitely make a big difference. Today everyone is going out in their own cars, I think unless and until we don’t build that bonding collectively things won’t change. Everyone should start thinking on this note and only then something can be done. It’s high time and the time is ticking. Global warming that we are seeing today is not a good sign and we are responsible for it. Also there is no check on pollution and nobody checks the PUC of cars which means laws aren’t stern. Strict rules need to be implemented.

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