Posted on December 15, 2022 at 3:52 am

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Munisha Khatwani reads Ankit Gupta’s cards, predicts personal and professional growth

Celebrity tarot card reader and astrologer Munisha Khatwani did a tarot card reading for actor and “Bigg Boss 16” contestant Ankit Gupta. Read to know what his card holds:

She said,

“Ankit Gupta’s date of birth is 6th November 1988, which means he is ruled by Venus and his total number comes to 7, Ketu. Venus can mean name, fame, a media line, good looks, and a great personality, which he already has. So he has a famous name, he has a very good personality and a very good fan following, and he’s also doing well on the reality show.”

“The cards are very positive. He got the card of three of cups, which is a card of celebration, and good news and positivity coming your way. He also got the card of the Sun, which indicates some sort of success in the near future. So I would say his chances of going ahead in the show are looking bright, and he will do well. He will get more fame, and it’s also going to help him in terms of career growth or more popularity,” she added.

Munisha said that Ankit will see a lot of growth in both his personal and professional life.

“Being a TV face and being a part of a hit show he was already very popular, and he has already done a lot of good work, so the next thing for him is definitely a lot of growth on the personal and the professional front, especially on the personal level. Number six, Venus signifies a lot of personal happiness and contentment and moving ahead,” she said.

“The year 2023 also seems to be more favorable for him. His lucky months in the year are February, May, and July. He should also wear a lot of white as that is his lucky colour for 2023,” she concluded.


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