Posted on December 19, 2022 at 2:01 am

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Fans lash out at Shalin Bhanot after he charges at Tina Datta

Actress Tina Datta’s return in Bigg Boss 16 created a huge set of drama and what proceeded was an argument between her and Shalin Bhanot, who she feels fake played friend on convenience. Even Bigg Boss pointed out that Shalin was trying to be politically correct when he didn’t press the buzzer for the first time that caused Tina’s eviction.

Now, a new argument brewed between the two, where Shalin threw lighter at Tina. Not only this but he also charged at her, and twisted his actions as he realized his mistake.

Tina pointed this out and raised her voice against this. She even gave him a befitting reply to Shalin’s dramatic debate. He even brought Tina’s late pet Rani in the fight, to which Datta got angry and upset. Shalin has already been alleged to be a wife beater in his past relationship, and the domestic violence tag stays on him. With today’s act, fans of Bigg Boss have gotten angry at him and many marked their conclusions that yes, Shalin is a wife beater. They took it to Twitter and lashed out at him. Take a look at a few tweets here…

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