Posted on November 1, 2022 at 6:32 am

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Usha Bachani opens up about being part of Dangal TV’s Crime Alert!

Actress Usha Bachani, who is part of Dangal TV’s Crime Alert, says that she loves being part of the show. The actress adds that she is a great fan of crime shows as well.


“I love doing crime shows because I personally love to watch crime series. I watch so many series that are crime related. I’ve watched a lot of Crime Patrol and Savdhaan India episodes instead of watching the daily soaps. I love it also because most of the stories are true,” she says.

She adds,

“I love to see the suspense and the thrill in these stories. These are also attractive as people know that these are true stories and so they want to know what happened.”

Talking about working with Dangal TV, she says,

“Working with Dangal has been a pleasure. This isn’t the first time I am working with them, I’ve done Crime Alert earlier as well. It has been great, Mitu has been in my creative team earlier as well in another show, so she’s more of a friend too.”

Watch Crime Alert on Dangal TV at 1 pm, Monday to Sunday

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