Posted on November 4, 2022 at 5:56 am

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Tina Datta shows her independent side, says she can buy herself diamonds on own

Actress Tina Datta has shown her fierce as well as cute sides in Bigg Boss season 16. The actress who looks very petite is actually very independent and bold in nature. Recently a conversation happened between her, Shalin, Nimrit and Gautam where Shalin supposedly wanted to buy Datta diamond, to which she denied saying that she can buy those herself.


Showing her independent side, Tina clearly mentioned how she has already bought herself a diamond ring and that she can do it herself in the future.

Tina’s stands have been very clear in the house, she has boldly placed her views too. Recently, she was also the first one to point out how Sajid is doing wrong by abusing Gautam and threatening him. Tina has been working since the age of four and a half, and after doing some popular and top projects in the industry has made her home in this city. Survived all the competition and stood firm, she is called the Warrior Princess of this season. Indeed, Tina has been independently doing it all!!

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