Posted on November 14, 2022 at 6:25 am

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Shalin receives the best pre birthday gift, ban on captaincy lifted by Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss house has witnessed many controversies each passing year, this year Archana being ousted from the house following a physical spat with Shiv tops the list this season.


But this weekend, host Salman Khan stirred up things quite a bit as Archana was brought back to the show & also Shiv was reprimanded for planning & plotting to trigger Archana that causes her to lose her mind & catch hold of his neck.

After Archana’s re-entry into the show, Shalin Bhanot‘s fan clubs took it personally & took the matters in their own hands demanding him be freed from the ban on participating in captaincy task. For the uninitiated Shalin was nominated for two weeks in a row & also was refrained from participating in the captaincy task as long as he survived on the show, which seemed bit too unfair considering his punishment came in after an ongoing task. While Shalin was trying to carry around a suitcase, Archana blocked his way leading to getting a little nudge.

The inmates created a hullabaloo & Bigg Boss had to intervene & announce the said punishment.

Looks like Shalin gets his birthday gift early from Bigg Boss. He celebrates his birthday tomorrow & now he can compete for the captaincy task. Double whammy indeed.

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