Posted on November 10, 2022 at 3:33 am

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Mohit Malik: Ekbir’s first ever temple visit had to be the Golden Temple

Mohit Malik is currently enjoying family time after a long shooting schedule covering the last three months. From Khatron Ke Khiladi to his upcoming webshow ‘Chamak’, Mohit’s schedule has been packed with work.


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Finally getting a much deserved break, Mohit has been travelling to various places with wife Aditi and son Ekbir, who is having a blast exploring new locations with his doting daddy.

After a rejuvenating visit to the hills of Shimla last month, Mohit Aditi and Ekbir along with Mohit’s parents are currently in Amritsar. Mohit’s long time wish was to make Ekbir visit the Golden Temple. He is elated on Ekbir’s visit to the divine place being so special!

“Ekbir’s first ever temple visit had to be the Golden Temple! As parents we wanted him to experience every nook and corner of the beautiful Golden Temple and there was no better time than to visit during these months of the year. He enjoyed himself, even made a lot of friends with people there. In his own way he prayed at the temple as well. It brought tears to our eyes to see him effortlessly connect with the beautiful vibes in the temple”, shares Mohit.

Speaking about quality family time the actor has finally gotten to himself, Mohit says,

“After a hectic 3-4 months of working nonstop, I am really enjoying spending this free time with my family. Aditi and I love travelling, so we are trying to imbibe the love of going to new places into Ekbir as well. Ekbir definitely seems to be enjoying having me around a lot more! All day long the only words that mainly come out of his mouth are ‘Baba, Baba, Baba’, which is beautiful to see. I will soon be getting back to my work commitments, hence I am ensuring that I make the most of this time with both the loves of my life”.

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