Posted on November 24, 2022 at 12:27 am

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Mitaali Nag on her challenging role in Aashiqana

Actress Mitaali Nag, who will be seen playing Tejaswini Raizada in Aashiqana on Disney+ Hotstar, says that playing a negative role is not easy. The actress says that while she was sold out on the character as soon as she heard the script, essaying it has been challenging.


“I have always been cautious about taking up negative roles on TV. When the casting director Dimpy called me for this role, she insisted I hear the brief before deciding whether to do it or not because it was not a regular vamp that has been seen on TV. After hearing the brief from Gul Khan ji, who is not just producing but also writing the series, I accepted the offer,” she says.

She adds,

“But it’s challenging and how! I have never been so nervous. The first days of any project are always the first. We are settling in with the team, we are getting in the skin of the character. The comfort level is still not there. But the confidence that I will pull it off is always there. However, this time, the pressure is more. But I am going to attempt playing my first negative Tejaswini with full honesty and I hope that the viewers see beyond the deeds that she would do and appreciate my efforts as an actor while performing them.”

However, career-wise also this character makes sense to her at this point of time.

“Playing a negative immediately after playing a mentally challenged character is definitely going to help me show my range as an actor to the audience. As an actor, it is going to be a challenge for me to play the role of Tejaswini Raizada. Also, one of the driving factors for me to be on board is that the series is conceptualized and being written by Gul ji. She has created so many successful shows. I have worked with her team before. And they are one of the best teams to work with. Actors are taken care of like babies when at work!”

Talking about the character, Mitaali says,

“My character is that of an educated, stylish, sexy girl who knows what she wants and will go to any extent to get it. But mind it, she doesn’t want the love of the hero. She is not there to win the hero’s heart or anything. She has bigger plans.”

She adds,

“I haven’t really followed the previous season. But I did watch the first episode of season 2. And I loved it. It was so gripping. By the end of it, I wanted to watch the next episode. And in fact, I am watching it now. The male and the female lead’s chemistry always plays an important part in any project’s success. And Yash and Chikki’s chemistry is great on screen. I am looking forward to working with them.”

While she is entering a show mid-way, Mitaali says that she is not stressed at all about that.

“Honestly, my pressure is only limited to how well I perform. As this is my first negative role. I put all my energies and thoughts into the fact that I do justice to the scenes that I get to perform and that my viewers see and appreciate those efforts of mine,” she says.

She has just begun shooting and hopes that the rest of the shoot goes smoothly.

“While most of my co-actors, who have played negative roles at some point in their career, always say that they have enjoyed playing those roles because of the scope of performance. As for me, it is too soon to comment on that as I have only shot my introduction scenes yet,” she says.

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