Posted on November 12, 2022 at 1:13 am

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‘I Miss You’, Shalin Bhanot’s gesture to make amends with Tina is too cute to handle

Bigg Boss can break existing friendships & also the house has been the reason for making many lifelong bonds. This season is all about Dosti, Pyaar & Mohabbat.


Be it Priyanka & Ankit’s pyaar, Gautam & Soundarya’s new found Mohabbat or Tina & Shalin’s Dosti, Bigg Boss this season doesn’t cease to amaze us.

Last week, it was like a love test where all of these relationships underwent testing times. Tina & Shalin’s fallout was heartbreaking with some mean words hurled towards one another. But is this the end of something precious that just began? We can’t tell. Bigg Boss has no permanent friends nor enemies.

While netizens did ship them together & they had a hashtag too #Shalina, but the two have maintained that they were only friends.

Tina lost her cool when Shalin praised Soundarya following the nomination task & later called him fake & an actor, but Shalin chose to keep his cool.

The two avoided each other but not for long enough. They had a confrontation of sorts in the bathroom area where Shalin tried to make amends & clear the air but Tina continued to hold her walls up. After many attempts, Shalin resigned & confessed that he missed being around her & their friendship. ‘I miss you,’ that’s what he said.

Shalin has shown his goofy side & serious attitude too but this conversation looked straight out of a Bollywood film & we only hope for a happy ending for the two of them.

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