Posted on November 19, 2022 at 2:26 am

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Gauahar Khan lashes out at Tina Datta for not being loyal to Shalin Bhanot

Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss was quite high on adrenaline for the loyalists. The entire episode was around the Shalin Bhanot – MC Stan incident that ensued last night that involved a near physical attack on Shalin.


While Shalin requested for voluntary exit, Salman Khan tried to put sense into the contestants & schooled Stan for his use of language.

On the other hand, Tina’s loyalty towards Shalin is questionable & the fans had a field day roasting the latter for being ‘Chalak’ & being the real mastermind, trying to keep both her groups happy.

The channel took to social media to share a precap of the episode before it went on air & titled as, ‘Tina Ke decision se pada shalin ko jhatka, would this create ghar me ek naya bawaal?

Gauahar commented, ‘Bull crap!!! Tina had her eyes shut because of pain, but how could she have her ears & brains shut!’

Gauahar, a winner of Bigg Boss has been closely watching the show & has been recently in support of Shalin.

Shalin has gradually made his way to the hearts of the audiences & has become the hot favourite of the fans who have been extending their support towards the actor.

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