Posted on November 30, 2022 at 12:32 am

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Fans bash Sajid Khan for his hollow remarks on Tina Datta’s career

Actress Tina Datta underwent a low moment yesterday, after she felt she faced a backstabbing attack from her friends, she was seen breaking down. The actress who feels she has been true to her words and always supported her allies and friends, felt she was attacked emotionally by Shiv and Nimrit, while the others from that clan chose to not support Tina and some went quiet.

Director Sajid Khan who was time and again supported and respected by Tina, went on to pass a hollow remark on Tina Datta’s career. He said that Tina did her last show 7 years ago and that she doesn’t have any value in the outside world.

Sajid has time and again spoken ill about other contestants inside the house and escaped the wrath under the pretext of comedy. But this time, the ardent fans of Bigg Boss have come and slammed Sajid for his dirty behavior. And even called out his disloyal and derogatory behavior. They went on to pick at Sajid’s constant unpleasant remarks. Take a look at what the critical audience has to say:

While Sajid and his favorites have been playing on the back foot, it’s clearly seen that Tina has always kept her game up front and on face. The actress stands by her words and takes a strong stand in the house. As she has faced a major backstabbing from her friends, it would be interesting to see how Datta takes her game ahead.

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