Posted on November 9, 2022 at 12:12 am

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Charrul Malik opens up about her Bollywood debut!

Actress Charrul Malik, who is currently playing the role of Russa in the shows Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai and Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, also has a feature film coming up and she is super excited. The journalist turned actress says that part of the film is yet to be shot and she can’t wait to see the response of the audience.


“I’m doing a feature film titled Dashmi, directed by Shantanu Tambe. It will be released next year and I am playing a good role where my name is also Charrul. When I was having a word with my director, I suggested that I keep my name and he agreed happily. We were shooting this film in Lucknow last month and there is some shooting that we are yet to complete, which is going to happen in Mumbai and in February, I’ll be shooting again. It’s a very big project, I can’t reveal much details but I’m very happy and excited,” she says.

Character actors get a lot of importance today, says Charrul, adding,

“Character actors these days get a lot of prominence in TV shows compared to previous times. Nowadays, for people, promotion, projection, channel, PR, a lot of things matter. Earlier we didn’t know what people used to do before. Their work never used to get highlighted. So having a good PR, having a good promotional strategy really matters nowadays and people are smart enough to encase each and everything. Also, character actors are always in their character, so they get recognised well. Plus, now they have social media, so it helps them reach out to the masses.”

Meanwhile, the actress says that she is loving her acting journey so far.

“My learnings as an actor so far is that the process is still on and that learning never stops. The difference in acting and anchoring is that in anchoring you are the director, producer and script writer. And in acting, you’ve to follow what has been told to you and expected from you. Especially on TV, you don’t have room for retakes. You have to do everything quickly as compared to film shoots. So as an actor I have learnt that here you have to be spontaneous. Your grasping power, your skills, your overall pace should be maintained because other actors are sharp in comedy with whom you are working. So, I’ve to compete and match their level of acting. I don’t know how successful I’m in doing that but I give my 100% and, also, I have learnt that in acting you have to be very natural. You shouldn’t go overboard. And luckily my character is someone I don’t have to act out but be myself. So imagine playing a character where you have to be yourself and you don’t have to add on anything. So, I think it’s very cool. I have learnt patience because whenever we go on set and have a scene and we’re supposed to wait for 4-5 hours. I have learned patience because I’m very restless,” she says.


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