Posted on November 7, 2022 at 2:26 am

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Channa Mereya completes 100 episodes; It’s been a beautiful journey, says the cast

From eating together to becoming each others’ best friends and appreciating each other’s performances, the cast of  Inspire Films’ Channa Mereya recounts interesting incidents on the show, as it completes 100 episodes. They also talk about the milestone and how they feel about the show!


Ashish Kaul

Thank you fans for helping us complete the century. The most challenging part is getting into the sikh look, which I have never done before. The beard and the turban are something new to me. I get a lot of compliments that I look like a nice, handsome Sikh so that’s definitely a compliment to me. Thank you and keep watching Channa Mereya.


Aanya Rawal

It feels surreal to be a part of this show. This is my first show so, is and will forever be special. Being a part of this show since day one and now witnessing every single milestone feels great. And, yes, today we are completing a century but many more centuries to go! The unique part of this show is the team. Starting from the finest production, director, creatives, EP, etc to the actors who have been really supportive. From having lunch together every day to working together, it has been a beautiful journey and will continue to be. The support that people lend to each other is something that makes each one and our show unique. Being on set now feels like home. A funny and cute incident occurred while we were shooting a sequence wherein Karan Wahi Bhaiya laid down on the floor and was unconscious. While all the other actors were standing in a semi-circle and crying. Suddenly a dog entered the frame wagging its tail and was crying along with us as if something happened. Later on, we had to shoot that whole sequence again. We have named the dog Bholu. I think the initial days for any show before its launch are really tough, be it for the production, channel, or for the actors. The actors have to go through auditions, shortlisting, look tests and a lot more before bagging the show. While the production and later on the channel have to finalize everything. The set, the making of the show isn’t easy. But once the show starts, there are no such major challenges that occur. A big thank you to them for appreciating every single thing about the show. It’s overwhelming when people tag and upload various edits highlighting the main portion of the episode. The curiosity for the upcoming track is clearly visible among the audience. Thank you for making us complete a hundred episodes and many more to go.


Kanwalpreet Singh

It’s absolutely beautiful. The first 100 episodes are always very close. And in our show every bit is very close to my heart. The storyline/performances of all the actors are so amazing and everybody takes good care of their craft which makes the show a hit show. We were shooting a scene and in the middle of the scene, our director told us to do Boliyan! Being a Punjabi, I immediately performed 6-7 boliyan, without the script. Everyone was so impressed! I feel that maintaining the same flow and energy from day one till the last episode is very important. Sometimes we start taking our characters lightly and feel that now the show is running well and nothing can stop us. It will run automatically but that’s not the truth. It’s like cooking the same food again and again. You need to put in the same effort daily to get that mesmerising taste. One day you lack interest and the food lacks taste. So putting in the same effort daily is very important. Thank you for loving our show so much. Especially the kind of love you have shown Goldie. It’s absolutely commendable. I promise to entertain you guys to the fullest. Keep loving Channa Mereya.


Jasleen Singh

It feels just like yesterday when I was at the office for my look test and, boom! It’s a 100. From not knowing any artists personally to their becoming my family feels amazing. What’s not unique about the show? The love for family, the passion for cooking. The strength your family gives you everything is different. If you remember the Dhaba scene when the goons attacked Aditya! Where else do you find this? Every day something interesting happens on the set. Everyone in the team knows their job so well. They make everything so easy. The love you all have given to the show and to Shampy and Jasleen makes me immensely happy and loved.


Mamta Verma

Important thing is that the audience is loving the show. We are getting positive reviews. The storyline of the show is really nice and the artists are also good. They all are good performers. There are so many incidents on set. Even if we are crying during the scene, as soon as the scene ends we all are happy and in a good mood. We have a lot of fun on set. I’m quite attached to Karan and Niyati. There are challenges in every show you do. The whole team is really hardworking and they make sure that we do quality work. My message for channa fans is that please give us suggestions on the show.

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