Posted on November 15, 2022 at 1:26 am

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Asmita Sood gets candid about new show Janam Janam ka Sath on Dangal TV

Unconditional love, reincarnation and loads of drama are what describes Dangal TV’s new show Janam Janam Ka Sath accurately, says actress Asmita Sood. The actress, who plays a negative character in the show, says she loves being part of it.


“I think the title of the show Janam Janam Ka Sath is very apt because it brings out the exact idea of what the story is about which is reincarnation about past life. I like the title a lot. The story of the show revolves around three characters; Abheer, Vidhi and Trishala, in the present life. In the past life, it’s Bhanumati, Adinath and Saguna. The story is about love and hate where Abheer and Vidhi represent love and Trishala stands for hate. It’s a story about how life has transcended overtime and there are things and emotions that have still been carried over to the next life,” she says.

She adds,

“My character is the main negative character in the show and I will be seen in a negative role for the very first time. This time, I thought of experimenting a little where I am making life difficult for Aabheer and Vidhi because I am very possessive about Abheer.”

However, she doesn’t associate much with her character, says Asmita, adding,

“Honestly, I don’t relate to my character because she’s a negative character but there are some possessive things that I might accept if I was in a relationship in real life too. I guess we all have little of Trishala in us. It might not be that intense but I guess we all are possessive for the people we love. But this was what made me sign up. The graph of my character was what attracted me.

She adds,

“Playing a lead role is a lot of responsibility, there is a lot on your shoulders. But, this time, I am not feeling any pressure because I am enjoying my journey. As long as all three of us enjoy the process, it’s going to be fun.”

Of course, interacting with a great team is always a bonus on a show, says the actress.

“I think the best thing about doing a TV show is that you end up meeting the best team who end up making magic on screen. You also are touching millions of lives, every single day and the whole week they wait to see you. So it’s a very powerful medium and if we deliver a great show, it can take us places. It’s a great experience all over. Also, working in a daily soap polishes our skills as an actor and we learn a lot of new things,” she says, adding, “I share a great bond with everyone. I have a great bond with Rakshandha Ma’am, Nikki, Gaurav. Gaurav, especially, has made special efforts to make sure everything’s perfect and comfortable. Nikki is a great person, she’s someone I connect with a lot.”

Meanwhile, Asmita says that she is not one to get deterred by competition.

“There’s a lot of competition but more than that is a lot of opportunities. There’s web, shows, festival films, regional films. The boundaries between all the mediums are blurring and it gives a lot of opportunities. So, I wouldn’t call it a competition but an opportunity for actors,” she says.

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