Posted on November 11, 2022 at 1:27 am

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Ankit Gupta broke his silence about Abdu’s captaincy and being called ‘Popat’

Birthdays celebrated in the Bigg Boss house are often a treat to watch, as it puts the housemates in a spot to put in extra effort to make the person feel special with restricted sources in the household. Yesterday, on his special day, Ankit got a special surprise from Priyanka, which made his day. Today he got a lot of support and love from the netizens who are following the show throughout.


In yesterday’s episode, the biggest highlight was Ankit and how his explanations were on point. When everybody in the house was only following others, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta alleged that Abdu was biased and assigned less work and duties to his favorites in the house. He also gave Abdu a fair explanation, of why he was not the perfect fit as the captain of the house.

He said during the task,

“Mere hisab se Abdu ne Bahut acha Kaam kiya hai but duties dene main wo khai na kai unfair ho gaye hai. Jaise ki sabse phele unhone duties di thi toh Nimrit ko unhone sirf Captain room saaf krne ko diya tha. But Nimrit ne baat sambhalte hue bola Abdu ko if you want I can wash dishes also. But apne Priyanka ko do duties di but Shiv ne baat sambhal li.”

This proves how fair he is with his explanations and words. Later on, when Shiv Thakare was calling Popat, he gave it back with his best one-liners. He ensures that he puts his words right without making anyone feel bad.

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