Posted on November 6, 2022 at 1:58 am

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5 Times Tina Datta friendzoned Shalin Bhanot

Bigg Boss season 16’s hot topic, Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot’s camaraderie has been a talk of the town. The two have been getting mixed responses, and a lot of them have been pairing these two. Over the seasons, Bigg Boss is a show that is known to produce couples, and in this season too, there are several pairings going on.


Where everyone in the house as well as outside are questioning this relationship, Tina has been vocal about she not liking Shalin and that there is nothing from her side for him. She has even mentioned that Shalin isn’t her type. Looking at several scenarios and Tina’s banter with Shalin, we bring you 5 times, Tina Datta friendzoned Shalin Bhanot



#1. Tina called Shalin’s cheesy flirting as Bakwas

Tina was asking Shalin what the doctor told him, to which Shalin started flirting with her in a cheesy manner. Tina gave it back to Shalin, calling all of it ‘bakwas.’


#2. Tina asks Shalin to discontinue his flirty Masti

After the Karan Johar episode, where they were compared to Rahul-Tina, the actress boldly asked Shalin to stop his flirting. While Bhanot was trying to patch himself with her, she mentioned that there is nothing like this and people outside will think otherwise.


#3. For Tina, her coffee is precious than Shalin

In the recent uncut episode, Gautam, Nimrit, Shalin and Tina were having a conversation when Gautam sarcastically asked Tina to throw her coffee on Shalin. To which she disagreed, calling her coffee to be more precious than him. She even told him, “Tumhari dhadkane band ho rahi hai toh main kya karu?”


#4. Tina called Shalin a friend and that too only if he proves his friendship

Tina was having a conversation with Bigg Boss and she said that Shalin and her are only friends and that too if he proves it. Otherwise, she is taking her way out from the patli gali.


#5. Tina slammed Shalin for wooing her over diamonds

Shalin was trying to woo Tina by giving her diamonds. Tina got aggravated and said that she doesn’t need Bhanot to buy diamonds. She took her independent nature and that her hard work can get her anything…

Well, we don’t know about Shalin but Tina’s actions and words both are proving that it’s just a friendly relationship for her.

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