Posted on October 9, 2022 at 3:55 am

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Shalin Bhanot’s befitting reply to MC Stan was a Mic Drop moment

Bigg Boss 16’s first Weekend Ka Vaar looked quiet fun as compared to other seasons as this time around Salman met with them in person & not through the TV.



Salman invited 10 contestants to have a lavish full course meal with him while they discussed the workings of last week. There were some fun & some not so fun conversations & revelations.

Salman cornered MC Stan for calling his fellow contestants fake just two days into the show.

When he asked MC Stan to suggest who does he think is fake, he instantly replied with Shalin’s name leaving even the host amused.

Salman jokingly asked him whether MC Stan even knew Shalin outside the house, to which he denied & sulked. He later went on to say that he felt Shalin was merely acting & that this is not his personality.

Shalin’s reply left everyone impressed, even Salman approved.

‘Mujhe acting karne ke liye script chahiye, ek achha director chahiye, main aisi acting ke paise charge karta hu.’

This left MC stan with no possible comeback & he plainly nodded his head. This was definitely a Mic Drop moment.

Here is what some tweets read :


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