Posted on October 27, 2022 at 1:35 am

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Shalin Bhanot: If it wasn’t for my adopted dog, I wouldn’t be alive

Shalin Bhanot‘s journey in Bigg Boss has been quiet a mixed bag of emotions. From his flamboyant side to a serious dude to a teenage lover boy, we’ve seen it all in the last 3 weeks.


Known to wear his heart on his sleeve, Shalin went down the memory lane & opened his heart out in a conversation with Priyanka where he’s seen talking about his adopted dog Swag who he’d rescued.

In the footage we see an almost teary eyed Shalin who talks about rescuing a pet dog who was abandoned in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar.

He goes on to say that if it wasn’t for his dog that he now fondly calls Swag, he wouldn’t be able to survive the pandemic.

When Priyanka pushes him further to share his story, he confesses to be in a dark phase of his life when the Pandemic started. During the first lockdown when the restrictions were stringent, he sent in an ambulance & made arrangements for the dog to be brought home.

Shalin also said he was never an animal enthusiast to begin with but the fact of living all alone in his big Mumbai house had become very lonely so he got excited to have a new family member & found that in his new pet dog who was in a very poor health condition when brought home.

The actor shared how he looked up on the internet for every minor detail & took it as a responsibility to heal his dog & raise him on his own.

He said the dog saved him in ways more than one.

See the full video here :-


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