Posted on October 14, 2022 at 2:53 am

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Rajan Shahi and Team convey their Diwali wishes

Producer-director Rajan Shahi is all set to welcome Diwali on his sets and with his family! However, this year, he has requested people to refrain from sending him gifts. Instead, he urges them to be kind to others and make everyone’s Diwali special around us.


“May this Diwali and festive season be full of happiness, prosperity and peace for all of us and our families. With full humility and respect would like to request kindly to all that do not shower your love through any gifts this festive season to us. Instead give us your blessings, good wishes, prayers and regards,” he says.

His mother, Deepa Shahi, who is an integral part of his production house, adds,

“I would request everyone to donate or help any charitable institution or the needy as it will mean the most to us and make this Diwali special for everyone. A gesture like this can brighten the lives and homes of the less fortunate families and individuals and make this festive season truly memorable. This is the true spirit of any festival. May there be happiness, prosperity and smiles in every home this festive season and let’s be more considerate towards the environment and animals.”

Best wishes from Deepa Shahi, Rajan Shahi and Ishika Shahi and team DKP, Shahi Productions and I Shahi Production

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