Posted on October 18, 2022 at 5:10 am

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Pavitra Punia aka Mohini from Dangal TV’s Ishq Ki Dastaan – Naagmani shares her Diwali Plans!

Actress Pavitra Punia, who is known as Mohini from Dangal TV’s Ishq Ki Dastaan – Naagmani, shares her Diwali plans for the year.


She says,

“I am going to do Laxmi puja, will make Rangoli and light up my whole house with lights and diyas. This is the second Diwali with Eijaz; I am going to make it special. We have also moved in together. I am also planning to keep a small party at home. Diwali food is something which I always go traditional with.  We eat Aaloo phoolgobi sabji, puri and homemade sweets like Gulab jamun which I have learnt to make from my mother.”

Speaking about the significance of Diwali in her life, Pavitra says,

“It’s about removing the darkness from your life and welcoming light. That’s a ray of hope for me. It’s the end of sorrow, sadness, misery, everything which is not going to help me.”

Pavitra could not celebrate Diwali in 2019 as she was suffering from Dengue and was in ICU. She adds,

“2019 was a difficult time for me, and the last two years, celebrations were low-key. This year it will be a bigger one, we will all celebrate with a lot of energy with Eijaz and My family.”

Speaking about her childhood memories Pavitra adds,

”I am from Bagphat, Meerut and I remember my Dadi used to perform Laxmi Puja with so much sincerity. She also used to make the idol on her own. The vibes at home were very nice before Diwali. We used to clean the whole house with cow dung and mud. That was quite fascinating for me. At that point of time Diwali meant firecrackers to me. When I look back now I remember all these beautiful memories and I am going to share this with my children one day.”

Gorgeous Pavitra has performed the song Manohari from Bahubali for the Diwali Dangal special which was aired on 16th October on Dangal TV. On working in Ishq Ki Dastaan Naagmani she says,

“Playing Mohini has been a fabulous experience. Fans are loving it. Dangal TV’s content is innovative and fresh”


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