Posted on October 15, 2022 at 4:02 am

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Hiten Tejwani on viewers finding Swaran Ghar relatable

Hiten Tejwani says viewers are liking Swaran Ghar because it’s relatable, and also praises the makers for not compromising on the quality.


“It is great to be with Swaran Ghar for the last 3-4 months now. But it was just more than brilliant working with such great talents. The best part is that, luckily, I know Ajay Singh Chaudhary and Sangita Ghosh. So, working with them is amazing. Overall, it’s a great experience. We work as a team because we don’t only shoot but we discuss a lot of other things too and learn a lot,” he says.

He also has nice things to say about Ravie Dubey, Sargun Mehta and their production house Dreamiyata.

“It’s just mind-blowing. I am so amazed looking at how Ravie and Sargun are doing production so well. I am so happy for them about the way they have managed. I’ve now almost shifted to Chandigarh as they made me feel so comfortable. Ravie and Sargun are darlings. I have no complaints. Also working with Dreamiyata is wonderful, every episode, every scene is done with lots of love. Thank you to Sargun and Ravie for bringing me on this show,” he adds.

He also shares that they have ensured to not compromise with the quality of the content.

“You cannot compromise on the quality of content if you want to create something beautiful. The story is decided from the start, and they made sure to touch upon a very important topic. It’s their effort that has got results that are out for everyone to see. Our fans and audiences have been showering love and motivating us more and more every day,” he smiles.

Swaran Ghar is high on emotion.

“It is a story which has all the emotions and drama because of the situation and Sargun has written this story. It’s a story of a family, and what all they go through, how they break and stand up again. People are really liking it a lot. How Swaran is handling different situations in life. The story is very relatable,” he says.

The unit is like one happy family.

“There are a lot of happy moments but the best part is that everybody eats together on the set. There are specific times when there are breaks and the whole unit has lunch together. Anything happens on the set, be it actors’ having some issue, set issue, production issue etc, every problem is solved together here which is a great thing. All these little things make us all feel good. Everybody is super-fast and wants to pack up only when the day’s work is completed,” he shares.

Happy atmosphere on the set makes one perform better.

“When you’re in a happy and positive zone, you always try to give your best. There’s never a no to anything. We try everything and give the best performance every time,” he ends.


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