Posted on October 5, 2022 at 8:02 am

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Celebrities open up about their Dussehra promises

The festival of Dussehra signifies the victory of good over evil. It is also a day to make determinations to defeat the evil in your own life. Here is what these celebrities are determined to do.


Nivedita Basu

When we were kids, we used to go to see the Ravan Dahan and listen to stories from our grandparents about the Ravan Dahan. One habit which I want to inculcate is to discipline my life in such a way that I get enough sleep. Nowadays there are so many health disorders and people are losing their lives and one thing I would like to definitely change is my lifestyle. We have a long way to go and have young kids and if we want to see them a good life then we should definitely work on ourselves


Sidharth Sagar

Significance of Dussehra is destroying the ego inside, ego boosts with worldly knowledge, with power, name, fame, money and the reason for false ego to grow is lacking the awareness of you being the existence and dilemma of you doing something. Once you are conscious, you know that you are the watcher, the silence and peace, your heart will be full of love, gratitude and compassion and then there’s no space for ego to live in a space where there is bliss.


Nikhil Nanda

Dusshera always is about the win of good over evil. We have seen over the years that the 2 live together in every individual internally. It’s only when we are able to identify and win over the vices we may have that the journey has started, we can never be perfect as humans but only progress on the path to be more good than evil. The first step which I felt the majority lacks is the “voice” to call out wrong as wrong for fear of being treated by so called intellectuals as “bias” or “communal” or anything else. So as long as we listen to our inner self and call out wrong as wrong we have started our contributions to the good of the world.


Rohit Choudhary

Dussehra brings the good over evil and signifies that whatever is wrong doesn’t work till long and will end someday. If you do wrong deeds then somewhere or the other you have to pay for them. As it is said that whatever karma you do in this life it will affect your next life. However, I believe that whatever karma you do in this life you have to deal with it in the present life only. Truth always wins and doing good deeds takes you ahead in your life and gives you inner satisfaction. One habit that I would like to work on is not to trust people very easily and I am working on it.


Priya Malik

Other than triumph over evil, I believe one of the main reasons behind Ravana’s downfall was his ego. What we can learn from his defeat is to be humble and kind no matter what we may achieve. Hence Dussehra teaches me to be grounded!


Pranitaa Pandit

I have very beautiful memories of Dussehra as a child and it has always stayed with me. Dussehra is about celebrating good over evil and all the positive qualities over the negative ones. Yes, we have good and bad both within us, and no one can survive with all goodness and there is both that exist within us. It’s a constant struggle. So let the positive side shine. The one habit that I would want to work on is my fitness and eating habits because I am a complete foody and I want to get back on my health track which I find really difficult. I want to get rid of eating junk


Megha Kishore

Dussehra is a very big festival and people do the Ravan Dahan and celebrate it. Just like Lord Ram won over evil by killing Ravan, so similarly I want to end the bad habits in me. I want to quit eating junk food and I will try to quit it this Dussehra. It’s not good for a person’s health. Also, I want to take a resolution that if something bad is happening around me, no matter what, I will definitely take a stand against that.

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Neelu Kohli

For me Dussehra means good over evil. It’s Vijayadashami so its always good people winning. There is a lot that I would like to change about myself. I want to stop the habit of eating too many sweets and drinking too much coffee. I want to be better than what I was yesterday. I have realised that I have slowed down than what I was and I want to overcome that and that’s my internal Ravan that I would be winning on


Sudhanshu Pandey

Dussehra as we all know is the victory of Lord Ram over Ravan and I think that symbolises everyone’s life and all of us. Every human being has two sides, that is good and evil and there is always a battle going on in our lives. This decides our karma. We e always have a choice and when we choose good we do good karma. I am pretty okay with my habits and I will just celebrate Dussehra and give myself a promise that I will try my best to keep away from negativity

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