Posted on September 5, 2022 at 7:37 am

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What Do Jhalak Dikjhlaa Jaa 10’s Hottest Pair Sanam Johar and Rubina Dilaik Do During Their Breaks?

Ask Sanam on how it is working with Rubina and he is all praises.



He says,

“She’s a very good learner. And a very sweet person to be around. Very grounded and hard working. She is willing to try any and all kinds of steps and dance forms but the only thing she is apprehensive of is doing lifts. But again, I am confident that with time, she will get used to them and get comfortable.”

Talking about his bond with her, Sanam went on to add,

“We usually have a good time on the sets. She cracks us all up with her sense of humour. Our break times are usually eating chips and avocado dips that she gets from home.”

But goofing around in between breaks is not all that they do.

“We also talk about what’s happening around the world where dancing is concerned. I show her different videos of people doing different styles. And since dancing is also about chemistry between the partners, we sit and chat with one another. Getting to know each other, talking about relationships. Rubina is very fond of her hometown and keeps talking about the mountains. She tells us about how beautiful it is and now I am seriously tempted to go there for a vacation,” he concludes.


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