Posted on September 18, 2022 at 3:58 am

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Udaariyaan’s Isha Malviya on the viewers’ appreciation around her character Jasmine

Isha Malviya as Jasmine in Udaariyaan has caught the viewers’ attention. The show is being produced by Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Dreamiyata Entertainment.


The actor shares that Jasmine’s character is quite relatable and has many shades to her.  While earlier she was bubbly, now she has become negative on the show.

“The response around Jasmine has been amazing. I never thought that a negative character would ever get so much attention. The best compliment I’ve received is from Ravie sir and Sargun ma’am. When I came here I was 17 years old and people thought I would not be able to do justice to the character but then when I proved them wrong. They told me, “Isha you did it and you made all of us very proud’,” she recalls the compliment with a smile.

About working with Dreamiyata, she says,

“Obviously it was like a dream come true because I’ve never dreamt of coming into this industry. So, getting this opportunity to work with this amazing power couple, who are very down-to-earth and loving has simply been wonderful.”

Isha is enjoying shooting in Chandigarh.

“Chandigarh is very beautiful. I don’t miss my hometown much. But, I miss my home and my people a lot, and they do come to visit me very often,” she shares.

Udaariyaan has a very youthful flavour in the story.

“After the show has taken a leap, the whole story has changed and it has been a fresh start. We are thankful for all the support from our viewers,” she adds.

Punjabi culture, language, and people, in short, Punjabi stories have huge popularity in India these days.

“Yes… In fact, in Punjab, people are used to watching Zee Punjab, which is the regional channel here. If we have a concept like Udaariyaan on national television, the audience will really love watching these concepts,” she says.

About the trends she has noticed in the TV industry, Isha adds,

“I would say that the good thing is that these days, women are not shown going to bed with makeup, jewellery etc. Another positive thing is that the good ones are not always crying.”

Enjoying her journey as an actor, Isha talks about her inspiration.

“My Mother is my inspiration. Even though she wanted to act when she was my age, she couldn’t, so she sent me to this field. I immensely respect her and love her a lot,” says the actor, who makes reels, promotional stuff, does social media posts and parties to unwind.


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