Posted on September 7, 2022 at 4:55 am

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Sidharth Sagar shares his excitement about returning to comedy with The Kapil Sharma Show

Sidharth Sagar, who has established himself as an artiste with impeccable comic timing and has been part of various stand-up comedy shows is back with a bang. Last seen in Zee Comedy Show, he has been roped in to play a pivotal character in The Kapil Sharma Show.



He shares,

“I was doing a show, Case to Banta Hai on Amazon Minitv, in which my performance was appreciated a lot. I guess that’s how I was offered The Kapil Sharma Show and here I am!”

He is quite happy about the opportunity to share the stage with Kapil Sharma. He says,

“It is always amazing to perform with Kapil bhai. He has a great sense of humour. It gives me immense joy when we occasionally exchange looks on stage and I see him enjoying my performance. It is a mark of a true artiste…he will always appreciate another talent.”

Now that he is back in action, what can his loyal audience expect from him as he embarks on a new stint? He replies,

“Energetic performance, dance, comedy and fun, which the audience will get hooked on and will watch with their families. When I am on stage, I don’t feel any pressure. I don’t let it affect me because talent blossoms only when there is no pressure. One needs a stress-free atmosphere to deliver his best.”

He adds,

“I have learnt that art comes from within and can’t be learnt. Yes, you can hone it by observing others but it’s a gift of God. You need talent to begin with. It can’t be borrowed or inculcated.”

Though ingenious, Sidharth has been inspired by the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Jim Carrey and Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean. He says,

“I have my own imagination, ideas and characters and plan my scripts and style on my own. However, I really admire Charlie Chaplin, Jim Carrey and Rowan Atkinson.”



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