Posted on September 21, 2022 at 4:29 am

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International Day of Peace: Celebs on what peace means to them, and things that give them peace

Each year, the International Day of Peace is observed on September 21. The day, according to the United Nations General Assembly, is dedicated to “strengthening the ideals of peace, through observing 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire”. On this occasion, we ask celebs what peace means to them. They also talk about the things that give them peace and make them happy.


Sidharth Sagar

Everybody is in search of peace. Most think they’ll find it in owning a big house, a luxury car, a career of their choice, money, sex, power etc. But what they don’t understand is that peace is both internal, and can only be experienced through meditation and understanding the true meaning of our existence. Meditation is stillness, an utter silence and when you are doing nothing at all (not even thinking) is pure meditation, you experience your true being. During this state of pure consciousness you start to enjoy everything because now whatever you do is done in a state of meditation. Whether you are cooking, dancing, singing, washing the dishes, taking bath, driving a car etc, you are at peace. Real joy or happiness comes when you are calm enough to see the beauty of this existence. I am at peace so now whatever I do gives me joy and doing nothing at all is also something that I enjoy.


Sudhanshu Pandey

Peace to me means being able to find the stability of mind and soul. You should be able to feel peace at any given point of time or anywhere or any circumstances. When I want to seek peace I normally watch a film or pray to Mahakal. And, I sit down and meditate while chanting my mantras.


Charrul Malik

If my loved ones are happy, it gives me peace. Bringing smiles on faces around me and being positive also gives me peace. I don’t like melancholy or negativity around me. I always ensure that even if I’m not happy from within, I never carry that energy when I step out of my house. I always try to spread happiness as much as I can. Whenever I sleep at night I’m happy from within that I didn’t hurt anyone or said anything bad for anyone. At least I made the effort and that makes me happy.


Shehzad Shaikh

On International Day Of Peace, I believe we should celebrate and be grateful for having tranquility in our lives. Things like Covid and the war in Ukraine has been a wake-up call to the world to not take our days and lives for granted. I find myself being grateful for the simple things in life and find peace in all things that I do and have around me.


Sumit Kaul

Peace according to me is only a consequence while stability/stillness is the cause. It’s only in still water that you can see your reflection. Clarity of vision means less friction and hence more peace. Meditation is what does this for me and I recommend it to everyone. People who are peaceful within will automatically create a peaceful world.


Nikhil Nanda

Peace is when u feel ना किसी से बैर ना किसी से ईर्षा. This gives internal satisfaction leading to peace. It’s that peace has to be internalized, you are doing it wrong if you are trying to find it outside.


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