Posted on September 16, 2022 at 5:13 am

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In conversation with Bhagya Lakshmi’s Aishwarya Khare!

Everyone knows Aishwarya Khare as a beautiful actress with an infectious smile. Her talent has been winning the hearts of viewers around the world. After being part of many shows in her career, Aishwarya Khare is currently the main protagonist, Lakshmi, in Zee TV’s hit show Bhagya Lakshmi. I decided to chat with Aishwarya about her role and the very successful show!

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Firstly, Congratulations on Bhagya Lakshmi reaching the 1 year milestone (on 3 August 2022). This is no doubt a huge accomplishment. How do you feel about achieving this?

This has been my biggest achievement and even after a year it feels surreal.  Lakshmi has become a part of me and every day I still get so excited to be her and to play her. Always am and will be grateful about it.

Could you briefly tell me about your journey to becoming an actor, how did it happen?

I started my career with Modelling and then joined theater just because someone told my dad that your daughter’s eyes are very expressive and she should try acting. And after theater I knew I wanted to do this for ever (smiles). Then I came to Bombay, gave auditions,  slowly and steadily, by not giving up I think I reached where I am right now and I think and hope I have a long way to go.

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We noticed Lakshmi slowly transforming from a submissive person into a fierce and strong headed individual, how has that journey been for you as the actor behind Lakshmi?

I have been living Lakshmi for over a year now and I can say that she is the most human fictional character I have played. I loved how soft and submissive she was shown in the start and how gradually with the circumstances thrown at her she understood that she has to stand for herself. Though love is the most powerful feeling I believe, so she couldn’t really leave Rishi but I love all the shades that Lakshmi has.

Your and Rohit Suchanti’s (Rishi) chemistry is no doubt magical and the audience has also appreciated your jodi #RishMi. How did you two work on achieving this great chemistry?

We are extremely good friends (touchwood) and because we are so comfortable with each other I guess that’s what shows on screen.  We genuinely fight and pull each other’s’ legs and Rishi and Lakshmi are now same. So I think the love and adoration and the comfort level that we have off-screen makes us look so compatible onscreen.

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Onscreen we see Malishka bringing constant trouble for Lakshmi, so how about you tell us about your bond off-screen with Maera Misshra?

The whole cast of my show is like a family. Maera and me are nothing like Lakshmi and Malishka.  We have fun on set laugh around. She is a very chill person.

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What has been your most challenging scene or track so far on Bhagya Lakshmi?

I think the revelation track wherein Lakshmi gets to know and confronts Rishi about Malishka.  Also all the markesh dosh tracks are very physically exhausting but also so challenging that I love to do them.

What are some of the things that you have learnt from Lakshmi?

I think kindness is one of the most prominent character traits of Lakshmi so that. Also I think the level of patience Lakshmi has with people around her… sometimes I just wished I had that kind of patience… (laughs)

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The viewers often find Rishi to be confused about who he loves. He is in a constant battle between his mind and heart. What advice would you (as Aishwarya) give to Rishi Oberoi?

As Aishwarya I would say obviously go to Lakshmi because if you really loved Malishka you wouldn’t have been confused in the first place.

On the show, Lakshmi has been praised many times for her culinary skills, are there any dishes which you enjoy cooking?

I do not know cooking. There is only one thing I can cook and that is vegetable pulao and I learnt it only because I love it.

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Are there any actors from television that you really admire and take inspiration from?

I always say Sriti Jha is my favourite. The way she is as a person and the level of dedication and hard work she puts in her work just makes me her fan.

What activities do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Sleeping I enjoy the most because we really don’t get the time to rest. Also when I am not sleeping I read.

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Finally, a message for all of your and Bhagya Lakshmi’s fans worldwide?

Thank you for sooooo much love that you guys give to me and to our show.  I don’t think we stand anywhere if it’s not for you all!

Hearty congratulations to Aishwarya for all the accomplishments so far. Wishing her and Bhagya Lakshmi many more milestones to come!


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