Posted on August 19, 2022 at 4:38 am

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Zayn Ibad Khan talks about differences in the web and TV

Besides the desire to explore new genres and roles, it is also the fact that there is less pressure in a web series that attracts TV actors to OTT, says actor Zayn Ibad Khan. The actor, who plays the leading role of ACP Yashvardhan Chauhan in Disney + Hotstar’s Aashiqana, says new mediums help actors experiment with their craft.

Photo Courtesy by Zayn Ibad Khan PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Zayn Ibad Khan PR Team


“Every television actor wants to do a web show because of the pressure. On TV, we have to shoot a lot in a single day. And in the web show, you are kind of a little relieved since you have time. You have breathing space. Also, I feel every actor wants to try something different on a different platform. Even if it is TV, even if it is, a movie, film, web, show, whatever it is. I think it’s a good thing,” he says.

Talking about the difference in working between working for TV shows, web series and films, the actor says,

“The difference between television and web shows and even movies is the time you get. There is no pressure for the telecast. It depends on the project but mostly, on an average scale, if you see, in web shows and in movies, you’re shooting a 2-3 minute or a single scene in the whole day or sometimes even in 4-5 days. But on television, you have to shoot 20-25 minutes worth of scenes in a day. You have to give every aspect your best and make it as thrilling and entertaining as possible. I feel television is the toughest job for an actor in the whole world. This does not mean that other actors don’t work hard. You have to also do the same scene like four or five times from different angles, a wide-angle, then the close shot and over the shoulder shot, sometimes POVs.”

He adds,

“But in movies and in web shows, things are totally different. If you are taking it from a wide-angle, it’s done. But on TV, you have to do a particular scene at least four times. So that’s the difference. And on TV, I think, what I believe is that you are getting paid for learning every day. You are getting a chance every day. In movies and in web shows, you do your part and then you are done. That’s it. But on television, you are getting different chances daily.”


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