Posted on August 3, 2022 at 2:19 am

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Yash Patnaik’s action crime thriller “Control Room” will go on air on Dangal TV soon!

Dangal TV and Producer Yash Patnaik (Beyond Dreams Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.) have come up with their latest offering in the form of a bi-weekly one-hour show titled Control Room.


Photo Courtesy by Yash Patnaik PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Yash Patnaik PR Team


It is an episodic investigative police procedural drama, dwelling on the most shocking crimes and deadly criminals!  With the sharp rise in the crime rates in and around Mumbai, the state decided to set up a ‘quick action force’ with the best police officers from the state. The newly formed elite team consists of the best from intelligence, homicide, detection, forensic, ballistic, and cyber departments. Hence the name, ‘CONTROL ROOM’

Unlike any cop drama before it, Control Room is a one-of-its-kind police procedural series that brings into focus the inner workings of police departments and breaks new ground in the investigative crime genre. The series promises to be a high-octane, edge-of-the-seat thriller that will cater to a larger audience. Through this series, we will scratch the exteriors of the men and women in uniform and bring out the human sides of the police. We will see personal challenges and emotional meltdowns. Unlike most of the shows in the genre, where victims are mere dead bodies, we will dive deeper into their lives and find the complexities of their emotions.

Producer Yash Patnaik says,

“Control Room is an episodic series where every episode we will delve into a new case, whereas the key characters will continue with their personal stories and tracks. We have given insight into crime investigation and detection and also interpersonal relations and conflicts between cops from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds”.

Actors who were present include Nishant Malkhani, Samiksha Jaiswal, Chestha Bhagat, Shivangi Verma, Siddhant Suryavanshi, Mohit Chauhan and Aakash Talwar.

Photo Courtesy by Yash Patnaik PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Yash Patnaik PR Team


Control Room will soon air on Dangal TV every Saturday and Sunday.
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