Posted on August 22, 2022 at 4:55 am

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Shubh Laabh actor Nasirr Khan talks about evolving as an actor

Evolution for an artist is a continuous process. As time progresses, an actor learns more and develops as a human being as well. One is therefore aware of the changes that experience and maturity brings in one’s life.

Photo Courtesy from Nasirr Khan PR Team
Photo Courtesy from Nasirr Khan PR Team


Actor Nasirr Khan, who is a part of the ongoing hit TV show Shubh Laabh, shares about his journey so far.

“I believe that I have not evolved but altered my acting skills, as with time relationship emotions have changed, feelings are the same but the way of expressing them has changed. So it was a very conscious decision on my part to learn and observe from young and new talents and then incorporate them in my style,” he says.

In presenting an actor or a scene perfectly, there are a lot of people working behind the screen. However, at the end of it, only the actor gets all the limelight.

“Jo dikhta hai, wohi bikta hai… that’s the way the world functions. All big industrialists also had a lot of loyal dedicated workers that helped them get big and grow, par company toh unhi ke naam pe hoti hai. So as actors we project the efforts of the others behind the camera with ourselves,” he explains.

Feedback is important for an actor. But many can’t take criticism. They only want to hear nice things about their craft.

“We all actors think that ‘we are the best’ and this was the only way to perform this scene. But a lot of times it doesn’t work. Feeling bad and hurt is part of human emotions, the important thing is to wipe the tears and work towards bettering and correcting oneself,” he shares.

Actors have their individual ways to break the monotony of the profession, Nasirr too has his own. He adds,

“I try not to take my work home. I have friends who are not from this industry, so meeting them, the topic of discussion changes which freshens the mind. Exercising, walking or playing any sport also helps break the monotony for those hours.”

On what one should do to bring variety in one’s acting, he says,

“Keep reinventing oneself, do characters that challenge your comfort zone, that push you to be and do what you are not, or else you become redundant and repetitive.”

The actor also shares three tips for upcoming actors.

“At the beginning, learn from your seniors. After a stage, create your own style. Lastly, unlearn and learn from youngsters,” he signs off.


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