Posted on August 29, 2022 at 6:50 am

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Rachi Sharma talks about her debut show Woh Toh Hai Albelaa

Rachi Sharma’s acting debut with Rajan Shahi’s hit show Woh toh Hai Albelaa (WTHA) seems to be bearing fruits already.


Photo Courtesy from Rajan Shahi PR Team
Photo Courtesy from Rajan Shahi PR Team


The actor has been getting positive feedback for her performance. Her chemistry with Kinshuk Vaidya is also being appreciated.

“I feel so grateful for being a part of this beautiful show, this beautiful team! This show is a kick start to my career. I am learning, experiencing each day by being a part of this amazing journey. This show gave me my identity. Rajan sir believed in me and that’s how I cracked this part. It was unexpected, and truly a magical door that opened up for me! I gave the audition and did some mock shoots with my co stars. I am really proud of how it turned out to be,” she adds with a smile.

Rachi hails from Indore and did her post-graduation in Business Administration. While acting is her passion, she also plans to continue with her studies the moment she gets some more time at hand.

“Rashmi is so close to my heart. I am living this character and try each day to get deep and understand it more. It’s a very special character for me though it’s my debut, but apart from this, I can relate to it in some aspects. She is very innocent and full of love. And the best part is the audience loving the character. So, I really want to reach that level of their expectations. Initially, Rashmi was a crybaby, a girl who gets scared easily but slowly she is somehow getting stronger and taking stands, which I really like. So the journey has been so amazing,” she shares.

About her onscreen chemistry with Kinshuk being appreciated, she adds,

“Kinshuk is a gem of a person. He is an amazing actor and a great co-star. You will be so comfortable working with him, there’s no pressure. And, when the environment is very light you can act naturally. Onscreen it’s good, off-screen too we are good friends. He still teaches me and I still learn, which is a good thing.”


Ask about her favourite moment from the WTHA journey so far and she adds,

“Tricky question because I can’t choose one. I guess when we all are having a scene together it eventually becomes a beautiful moment! We crack jokes, mock each other, laugh, and gossip! There’s so much more! It’s always fun when we shoot.”

Daily soaps promise work stability in an industry like this that changes every day. Agreeing, Rachi says,

“If the show and your character are loved by the audience you will get opportunities. Why are we here? To entertain the audience! If they enjoy it, they expect more, and that’s our job to fulfill. This field needs entertainment, hard work, and patience.”


Rachi is all praises for Rajan Shahi and Director’s Kut Production.

“It feels like a second home. Everyone on the set is so sweet. The team is very cooperative. If there’s something good or bad we all are in this together. There are so many moments in which I have lived with these people, and I really want to thank God for this,” she smiles again.


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