Posted on August 29, 2022 at 4:56 am

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Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan completes 100 episodes!

In a day and age, where TV shows struggle to strike a chord with the audience, Prateek Sharma’s Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan has had its audience hooked on to its unique storyline and stellar cast.


Photo Courtesy by Prateek Sharma PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Prateek Sharma PR Team


The show recently completed 100 episodes and understandably, the unit is overjoyed. This certainly calls for a mini celebration and a quick take on the journey so far. Read on to know what some actors have to say about this wonderful show and its makers…

Swati Shah aka Kadambari 
I am excited and encouraged as the show has not only completed 100 episodes but it has raked in a rating of 1.8. The acceptance and love from the audience to a show pushes the cast to work better and harder. The best part about being part of Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan is its unique storyline and the opportunity to collaborate with Prateek Sharma and director Prateek Shah. The atmosphere on the set is light and creative. I am quite happy with the way my character is shaping up and I am sure that the audience will be exposed to more facets of her personality in the near future. I am just waiting for the layers to unfold, which makes playing a complex character like Kadambari a fulfilling experience. It is complex yet a very adorable, cute, and an intriguing character.

Pooja Kava aka Ketki
It’s an overwhelming moment for all of us! It has been a very smooth and enriching journey so far. I hope that we keep on growing and reach the milestone of 2000 episodes (smiles). The graph of my character is growing. From playing a grey shade, my character has transformed into positive and sensitive, as was seen in a recent episode. So, I am enjoying the best of both worlds. As an actor, we always aspire to play a versatile characters and I am glad to have got that opportunity in this show. I can’t even begin to tell you about the bonhomie on the set. All of us sit together for lunch and share our food. The cast that eats together, stays together!

Ranveer Singh Malik aka Rahul
It is a double bonanza for us. As along with the show completing 100 episodes, it has touched a rating of 1.8. The hard work and perseverance of the unit has paid off and I pray for a more glorious future for my team. Kudos to the makers for paying attention to every character. A lot of actors in other shows complain about being underutilized but that’s not the case with us. Every character has been written down with utmost care and love. If I talk about my own character, it has turned positive from grey recently. I am loving the fact that I am getting to explore two extremes – positive and negative – on one show. The best part of being in this show is the positive atmosphere provided not only by co-artists but also by the LSD (the production house of the Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan) team.

Sumit Aroraa aka Ajeet

It’s a great achievement for completing 100 episodes. Our set always has a positive atmosphere and completing 100 episodes has brought in more happiness and positivity. It’s all about teamwork and I hope that we reach the 1000 episode mark soon and celebrate it with a big party. My character graph is going great and the best thing about this show is that we have an amazing team and a family atmosphere on the sets. I am happy and blessed to work with Prateek Sharma and his team LSD.

Kajal Khanchandani aka Dadi
This is a moment of pride and happiness. I would like to express my gratitude to the audience for all their love and appreciation that has helped us achieve this milestone. I would also like to thank the wonderful cast and crew of our show. Whatever we have accomplished today is a result of great teamwork and we have really worked very hard to get here. Keeping the audience engaged and entertained means the world to an actor. I love each and every moment spent on the set. The team of the show, including the producers, the director, the cast and the DOP, works like a family in a bid to entertain the audience and make the show a successful venture. Our combined efforts have paid off. Above all, the message of the show is true and relatable – good always triumphs and that true love is always blessed by the divine. I am glad that the audience liked my bond with Radha (Neeharika Roy). My track explores the beautiful bond and love shared between a grandmother and granddaughter. I play a crucial role in Radha’s life. She trusts me and respects my decisions even if certain decisions have not turned out in her favour.

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